Box Printing

Box Printing available; get your boxes, bags and velvet pouches printed with your business name and/or logo.

Hot Foil Print

To set up one printing plate, the cost is £35. This is a one off charge, and we will then always have your printing plate. To set up two plates, the cost is £50 - some customers prefer to have two plates as it helps to keep the logo proportionate to the box, e.g. a small plate for rings, earrings, pendants, etc., and a big plate for necklaces.

  1. For a two-piece box, the cost is 12p per print.
  2. For a hinged lid or slide-off box, the cost is 15p per print.
  3. For leatherette boxes, the cost is 20p per print inside the box or 20p per print outside the box.
  4. For paper bags and velvet puches, the cost is 20p per print.
  5. For glossy drawstring bags, the cost is 20p per print.

There is a minimum print order of 100 boxes per size or a £10 surcharge is applied; this is because it takes time to set up the printer and some boxes get wasted.

Standard colours of foil are black, gold and silver at no extra charge; all other colours can be matched, for example pink, but come at a premium of £40 + VAT. This is stored under your name for your use only and will get you approximately 5000 prints.

If you decide to go with a print order, you must email us a JPEG or PDF file of your logo in black on a white background. We will then confirm the size of logo to suit your boxes, bags or velvet pouches. Once payment has been taken it will take 4-5 working days for you to receive your order.

*All orders thereafter will be printed and dispatched ASAP.